martes, octubre 10, 2006

Nota Musical con los Doobie Brothers: Listen to the music.

The Doobie Brothers
Singer, guitarist and songwriter Tom Johnston and drummer John Hartman formed the nucleus of what would become The Doobie Brothers. Skip Spence of Moby Grape (formerly of Jefferson Airplane) introduced them to one another in 1969, after Hartman arrived in California determined to meet Spence and join his band. Johnston and Hartman called their fledgling group Pud and experimented with different lineups and styles as they performed in and around San Jose, California. They were briefly a power trio, and briefly worked with a horn section. In 1970, they teamed up with bass player Dave Shogren and singer, guitarist and songwriter Pat Simmons. Simmons, who had belonged to several area bands and also performed as a solo artist, was already an accomplished fingerstyle player whose approach to the instrument complemented Johnston's rhythmic R&B strumming.
In a recent interview, Tom Johnston attributed the band's eventual name to friend and housemate Keith "Dyno" Rosen, who considered it an improvement over Pud.

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