jueves, enero 18, 2007

Colbert Vs O'Reilly

El comediante de extrema "derecha" (Steven Colbert del show "The Colbert Report")le demostró al bocón neoconservador Bill O'Reilly, que hasta el (O'Reilly) se queda pálido ante sus ideas extremistas.

‘Stoned slackers’ watch Jon Stewart?
Bill O’Reilly's viewers are actually less educated than Stewart's

NEW YORK - The folks at Comedy Central were annoyed when Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly kept referring to “The Daily Show” audience as “stoned slackers.”

So they did a little research. And guess whose audience is more educated?

Viewers of Jon Stewart’s show are more likely to have completed four years of college than people who watch “The O’Reilly Factor,” according to Nielsen Media Research.

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