martes, noviembre 07, 2006

Tres Hombre, Uno Aramado Intimidan a Votantes Hispanos en Tucson Az

A trio of men, one with a handgun visible, is harrassing Latino voters as they go to the polls in Tucson, Ariz.

Nina Perales, a senior poll-watcher for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), called me from Tucson's Iglesia Bautista precinct, where the three men are approaching Latino voters and videotaping them on their way to vote.
"As voters are coming out of their cars and walking up towards their polls, one person is videotaping the voter as he walks towards the polling place," she said. Then another person, wearing an American flag bandana and a shirt with the image of a badge ironed or embroidered on it, approaches with a clipboard to talk to the voter. "While the clipboard person is. . .talking to [the voter], the cameraperson comes up and starts videotaping their face," Perales said.
As this happens, the third man -- with a gun visible in a sideholster -- stands next to the voter. According to Perales, he is wearing a shirt with an American flag on it, and camouflage shorts.
The men only approach Latino voters, she said, and noted they have been doing so since early this morning.

Several people have pointed out that carrying a gun is legal in AZ. However you cannot carry guns into school-zones, government offices, etc. So I would think you could not take them into a polling location. But thats just a personal opinion, I have no idea what the law is. Whatever the law, it is obvious intimidation going on. On Halloween a prominent lawyer was arrested for dressing up as Osama and carrying a fake gun, but the feds just want to 'keep an eye' on the situation because it involves latinos? Would these guys approach A.G Gonzalez in the same manner?

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